Ceilidh & Country classes
When: every Thursday, 19:00
Where: St. Peter's Church Hall, Lutton place

No experience needed
1st class is free

and join us in the pub afterwards!


For demonstrations, performances, etc.:
Hannah Jones, Demonstration Convenor: email

General enquiries:

e-mail list

The New Scotland e-mail list supplies full details of what is happening in New Scotland. It includes information such as weekly class locations (including any sudden venue changes), committee notices, information about any dances, ceilidhs, and other social events.

In addition to the above messages, the scottish-dance list is linked to scd-info@ed.ac.uk. This is the UK wide mailing list for scottish dancing, and carries information about dances, etc. all over the UK (many of which New Scotland organises transport to and attends).

If you want to keep up with what’s going on in New Scotland then we strongly advise that you join this list! Please note that our mailing list is for individuals, not businesses.

Mailing List – Manage subscribtion

This is to join the New Scotland e-mail list. If you have any difficulties, please contact nscds@ed.ac.uk.



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