Ceilidh & Country classes
When: every Thursday, 19:00
Where: St. Peter's Church Hall, Lutton place

No experience needed
1st class is free

and join us in the pub afterwards!


Here is a little information about our Committee, to help get to know us better. If there are any questions, please feel free to approach any of us.

Lucy Munro
Under construction.
 Jet Jansen
Hello! I´m Jet and as my fondness of cheese and cycling probably reveal: I´m Dutch. You can find me trying to get my feet under control at the Step and Country classes. When I´m not dancing or doing other New Scotland related stuff, I study the lives of ancient people or drink tea. Feel free to join me for a cup!
Sulaimina Bharwani
Under construction.
 Kathryn Jones
Hello, I´m Kathryn 🙂 I´m a general member of the committee, which means I have no specific role but help out where needed. I’m in the first year of a PhD in Genetics way over at the Western General Campus, which means I’m usually late because Edinburgh traffic. I’ve always loved ceilidhs so was super excited when I got into Edinburgh that I could take my Scottish dancing to the next level! I also like baking, singing, hillwalking, biology and trampolining. Come say hi and try to guess my accent!
Lewis Crawford
Under construction.
 Ordinary Members:
 Emma Forrest
Under construction.

Maria Herz
Having joined New Scotland two years ago, I quickly found myself sucked into the very deep vortex that is this society and its classes. Last year you could find me floating around at all classes, although this year you\\’ll only find me on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I balance the wonderful, yet oftentimes slightly insane, life that is that of a dancer and musician at night and a third-year Chemistry student by day. Feel free to ask me anything at all, whether about the society or not, so if you ever feel the need to discuss anything ranging from English Literature (or in fact any sort of literature) to how to blow oneself up in a lab (or maybe not!) or anything cooking or baking related then you have found the right person. Welcome to New Scotland!
 Ludivine Vuillet
Hello, I´m Ludivine. I started dancing with the society 10 years ago as a student, and enjoyed it so much that I actually found a job to stay in this beautiful city. I´ll be organising transports to random dancing places, and food when needed. You´ll find me at Lutton Place on Thursdays, come and talk to me about anything you want. Enjoy New Scotland!

Roanna Mackay
Under construction.
 Shinjini Basu
Under construction.

Angharad Kenway
As official jester of the committee I know a great joke about a Scottish dancer, an English dancer and an Irish dancer who walk into a bar and… no seriously – I somehow ended up as an ordinary member once again this year after being the vice-president last year and an ordinary member the year before. You will see me at ceilidh and country dancing and recognise me either by my awesome blue shoes or the fact that I am sitting in the corner desperately shovelling down some dinner because I have rushed straight to class from work.
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