SUSCDF will be held on the 29th November in Boys Brigade Hall, Kinnessburn Road, St Andrews. The dance starts at 7pm. Costs are £12 students / £14 non-students.

New Scotland will have a bus going to St Andrews and in order to get that you need to email Jet

We are organising a Edinburgh Walk-Through for all those who are not comfortable with sight-reading cribs. For that we meet at 11am in Pleasance.
The Bus will leave at 5pm

If this is your first dance, read our guide first.

The programme is as follows:

Catch the Wind H 8×32
The Lady Wynd J 8×32
Australian Ladies R 8×32
The Border Weavers S 3×32
Regent’s Favourite R 8×32
Flight of the Falcon J 8×32
Iona Cross M (S+R) 96+96
Reel of the Royal Scots R 8×32
Dunedin Festival Dance H nx32
Mrs Stewart’s Jig J 8×32
Culla Bay S 4×32
A Trip to Gatlinburg J 8×32
Joy Be Wi’ Ye R 5×32
Delvine Side S 8×32
Swiss Lassie R 8×32
Indian River Strathspey S 3×32
The Highland Rambler R 8×40

Snowball Reel R 4×40
The White Heather Jig J 4×40
The Byron Strathspey S 3×32

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