Fresher’s Week 2014

Welcome to New Scotland

We welcome you with many exciting events during Fresher’s weekend:

  • We have got two Scottish dance Workshops on Tuesday and on Friday. During the workshop you will learn all Scottish Dances we have to offer: Scottish Country Dance, Highland Dance, Scottish Step and Ceilidh. Come and get a taster to figure out, what’s right for you. 3-6pm in 48a Upper, Pleasance
  • We offer a Ceilidh Crash Course, which will teach you to not crash at your first Ceilidh. You will learn all the figures and the popular dances of the famous Scottish Dance Party. It’s on on Wednesday 1-3pm in Debating Hall, Teviot
  • The Fresher’s Ceilidh is a fun way to meet people and learn some Scottish Culture with lots of fun on the way. We do Group and Couple dances and show you some of our more advanced dancers. All Dances are taught on the day and you don’t need to know anything. Meet us Thursday from 7:30 in McEwan Hall in Bristo Square.
    If you want to have this wee bit of an advantage to everyone else, come to our Crash course beforehand.

To all our events you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Trainers work well with Scottish dancing. You don’t need any money to get in, but the bars catered by EUSA will be open, if you would like to get a refreshment.

More details to our Fresher’s week events and all the events in the following weeks can be found in our Calender

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